Executive Tracking Solutions

Executive Tracking Solutions

Our ExecSecure GPS tracking services and solutions are specifically tailored for the needs of traveling executives. All of our Drivers and CPOs utilize the tracking system enabling progress to be monitored at all times when they are accompanying the executive.

Travel Risk Management

The use of GPS tracking provides an additional layer and increased level of assurance as part of your own Travel Risk Management System. Your Corporate HQ, travel cells and outer offices can maintain situational awareness on the location of their executive or principle via updates from our tracking systems. This assists the duty of care requirements in terms of higher office support and awareness of the activity and movements of executives when traveling away from the corporate head office.

Tracking via a Secure Server

ExecSecure use secure servers with encrypted data to ensure that any information relating to the movements and activity of clients under our care remains confidential and not shared or accessible to a wider audience. 

Executive Tracking with Nothing to Download by Your Executive

The GPS Tracking platform is utilized on the smartphones of the ExecSecure teams supporting the executive. As such there is no additional devices or software for the executive – they can focus on business and the task at hand while our team does the rest and ensures that their locations are shared and updated as needed. This minimizes hassle and disruption while maximizing the levels of security afforded to the executive at all times.