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According to various international reports Caracas has been listed as the most violent city in the world “2016”, with a murder rate of 119.87 every 100,000 people, also five other Venezuelan cities remain in the top 20 most violent cities index “2016”.

Venezuela has steadily plunged into a deep economic and political crisis linked to plummeting oil prices and constant clashes between the government and opposition groups. Venezuela continues to experience political and social tensions countrywide. Looting, street crime, theft and protests are and will likely worsen as the economic and political situation in the country worsens, and food, basic goods, and medications become scarcer. Threats to travelers include theft, assault, muggings, fraud, carjacking, extortion, riots & civil unrest, kidnapping and bribery.

Punto Fijo is the capital city of the municipality of Carirubana in Northern Falcon State. It is located on the Southwestern coast of the Paraguana Peninsula on the shores of the Gulf of Venezuela. The Peninsula can be reached overland by only one road from the South via the town of Coro.

Road safety is a significant safety issue in Punto-Fijo A large number of vehicle incidents and injuries occur every day. The driving is often without consideration for other road users (including pedestrians) and frequently dangerous. The local roads are of good quality and standard, maintained to a high level due to the oil and gas investment and location of the PdVSA oil refinery and port.

Venezuela Security Recommendations:

Please contact us to speak with an ExecSecure Consultant for local, best practice methodology, and advice regarding what vehicles, security and set-up to consider. The threat situation changes constantly and personal risk tolerances and situations change between clients. 

Checkpoints are common in Venezuela. They are generally operated either by local police or by the National Guard. Stopping at checkpoints is mandatory, and drivers should be prepared to show vehicle registration paperwork, proof of insurance, and an identity document (national “cedula” or passport). Police or guardsmen may search vehicles stopped at checkpoints. If you are in a vehicle that is at a checkpoint show respect to the police or military, avoid sudden movement or gestures that could be construed as aggressive, the majority of the soldiers and police are young and poorly trained yet are well armed and constantly under threat.