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Paris Executive Protection and Security Transportation Services

France in general is considered relatively safe and most crimes are non-violent. Over 30 million tourists visit Paris each year, the majority of visits are trouble-free. Crime in Paris is generally opportunistic, non violent and often revolves around theft, pick-pocketing and mugging. Being the victim of pickpockets and scam artists is the most prolific risk. 

In Paris, pickpockets are commonly children and teenagers. However any gender, age and race are seen to be part of the problem. Pickpockets within Paris often work in small teams or gangs and are very focused and skilled at their art. Pickpockets are very active on public transport between airports such as Charles De Gaulle and Orly into the city center. In addition any public transport, including metro and buses are high risk.

There is a moderate to high threat from terrorism to the business traveler. Due to ongoing threats to France by Islamist groups, the French government has warned the public to be especially vigilant and has reinforced its security measures. Islamic terrorists have a dedicated intent and moderate capability to carry out terrorist attacks within Western Europe.

Violent crime is relatively uncommon in the Paris City Center.  France employs strict gun-control laws, criminals if armed are predominantly armed with knives, though handguns have been utilized in armed robberies. When carrying out armed street crime – criminals are more likely to focus on easy targets or those that display wealth or a link to wealth.

There have been some instances of tourists being robbed and assaulted near less populated Metro stations and other areas in Paris, often during nighttime hours. The risk of being a victim of crime significantly increases during the evening hours and in less populated areas.  Criminals operate on the Paris underground, RER lines and at mainline stations. Serious assaults have occurred on the lines serving Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports and Paris Gare du Nord Eurostar terminus. There have also been serious assaults on the line that serves the Stade de France.

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Please contact us to speak with an ExecSecure Consultant for local, best practice methodology, and advice regarding what vehicles, security and set-up to consider. The threat situation changes constantly and personal risk tolerances and situations change between clients.