Mexico City Secure Transportation Services

Mexico City Secure Transportation Advice

Despite being ranked the number one travel destination for 2016 by “The New York Times”, Mexico City as in all major capital cities carries certain dangers. Crime and violence are serious problems in Mexico and the security situation can pose a risk for foreigners. Travelers have been victims of violent crimes, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery by organized criminal groups.  Anti-government protests and demonstrations can often arise without warning.

Many reports of tourists becoming victims of express kidnappings from using local taxis is still of serious concern, and the use of secure trusted transportation is always recommended. Likewise the use of Public transport is always recommended to be avoided, due to the ongoing occurrence of pickpocketing.

Mexico City Security Recommendations

As in all Latin American cities, Mexico City boasts many high-risk neighborhoods and areas that should be avoided at all times. 

Please contact us to speak with an ExecSecure Consultant for local, best practice methodology, and advice regarding what vehicles, security and set-up to consider. The threat situation changes constantly and personal risk tolerances and situations change between clients.