Karachi Secure Transportation Services

Karachi Secure Transportation and Executive Protection Services

According to the OSAC (U.S.State Department) 2016 Crime & Safety Report, the Crime Rate in Karachi is rated as HIGH. Threats to international travelers are at a critical level due to lack of effective police control, with many neighborhoods being controlled by political/criminal gangs and considered No-Go areas for Government and LEA agencies. Violent crime and theft are commonplace and include murder, robbery, gender and politically based violence, kidnapping, sexual assault, & civil unrest.

International foreigners may be targeted due to anti U.S./Western sentiments and the perception of wealth, which can quickly manifest into large-scale demonstrations, riots, and protests which are vigorously dealt with by the local Police.

The terrorist threat remains at a critical level with local and foreign terrorist groups retaining a strong foot hold in densely populated areas which support and influence the ability and willingness to launch attacks without warning. High levels of assassinations, bombings and frequent demonstrations that turn violent continue to remain prevalent in many locations throughout the city.

Road conditions in Karachi are generally described as chaotic, with drivers consistently failing to adhere to basic road protocol, such as staying in lanes and turning etiquette. The road systems away from the main arterial routes are poor and can prove dangerous to road users, with even minor road traffic collisions often turning violent.

Karachi Security Recommendations 

The entire city is considered as high risk to visiting westerners, with Police unwilling to attend incidents with much urgency due to their own safety concerns and lack of resources.

Non-essential travel outside of Karachi is not recommended, as many surrounding areas outside the city limits area do not have a strong Government or Police presence and therefore terrorist and criminal groups have more opportunity to rob and kidnap travelers.

Please contact us to speak with an ExecSecure Consultant for local, best practice methodology, and advice regarding what vehicles, security and set-up to consider. The threat situation changes constantly and personal risk tolerances and situations change between clients. 


Karachi Security Notes

Due to the extensive demand, but limited supply of armored vehicles, coupled with strict laws surrounding them within Pakistan, it is normally necessary to have at least 10-14 days advance notice to secure these vehicles. 

ETS utilize only ex SSG (Pakistani Special Forces) for CPO roles