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The U.S State Department rates Ghana for Crime as High. The report identifies that street crime is a serious problem, especially acute in Accra. Pickpockets and thieves often carry out crimes of opportunity (snatch-and-grab attacks) on city streets, in crowded areas, and from vehicles idling in traffic. Pickpocketing, purse snatching, and various types of scams are the most common forms of crime confronting visitors. U.S. travelers have reported these types of theft at crowded markets, beaches, parks, and tourist attractions.

Incidences of violent crime (armed robbery) are on the rise in rural areas of Ghana especially in the North. There has been a spate of robberies in expatriate residential areas specific to residential complexes. There have been burglary attempts against expatriate residences, but perpetrators generally lack the sophistication required to overcome home alarm systems and static security guards. 

Vehicle theft is a major concern, including stolen vehicles being shipped from overseas into Ghana for resale. Thefts from vehicles are very common. The potential for carjacking exists. 

Ghana Security Recommendations

Please contact us to speak with an ExecSecure Consultant for local, best practice methodology, and advice regarding what vehicles, security, and set-up to consider. The threat situation changes constantly and personal risk tolerances and situations change between clients. 

Expertise in-country

Execsecure has an Ex British Army Expatriate based in Accra overseeing all of the security and executive protection taskings in Accra. 

Road Traffic Accidents (RTA’s)

RTA’s are a long term problem for those using the road network in Ghana. A combination of poorly managed vehicles, deteriorating road conditions and low driving standards combine to make Ghana very high risk for RTA’s.

Frauds and Scams

Romance scams, ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes and Cyber Crime perpetrated from criminals based in Ghana is a serious problem. Expatriates based and visiting Ghana have been targeted using a wide range of methods by criminal gangs connected to these fraudulent activities

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