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Caracas Secure Transportation Services Advice

According to various international reports Caracas has been listed as the most violent city in the world “2016”, with a murder rate of 119.87 every 100,000 people, also five other Venezuelan cities remain in the top 20 most violent cities index “2016”.

Venezuela has steadily plunged into a deep economic and political crisis linked to plummeting oil prices and constant clashes between the government and opposition groups. Venezuela continues to experience political and social tensions countrywide. Looting, street crime, theft and protests are and will likely worsen as the economic and political situation in the country worsens, and food, basic goods, and medications become scarcer. Threats to travelers include theft, assault, muggings, fraud, carjacking, extortion, riots & civil unrest, kidnapping and bribery.

Caracas Security Recommendations 

Please contact us to speak with an ExecSecure Consultant for local, best practice methodology, and advice regarding what vehicles, security and set-up to consider. The threat situation changes constantly and personal risk tolerances and situations change between clients.  






Point to Note: Try to avoid arriving in Caracas during or close to night time hours as the road from the airport to the city area is more dangerous at night. 

Try to avoid traveling with any overt signs of wealth, including watches, jewelry and expensive brands as this will put a spotlight on you from the minute you land. 

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